Live Music Photography- The Beths

When we’re not photographing babies or conferences you can sometimes find us making our way through a crowd at a concert with a camera  in hand…obviously.

It’s great when two passions collide and photographing gigs is always great fun. Last week we had the pleasure of working with our friend and colleague Tony from Fifty 3. Tony is a passionate music fan and avid writer of reviews. He’s recently launched his new music site featuring album reviews, live reviews and many other musings on music.

Last week’s gig was The Beths, a great little band from New Zealand. I’ll leave the review-writing to Tony and just say that they were great and a pleasure to photograph!

We’ve done our fair share of concert photography, but it’s always exciting. Highlights from The Beths include getting a leg up from a stranger in the crowd on to  the sound booth, just to get the right shot. You can’t say we aren’t committed to the craft!

More photos and Tony Hardy’s review of The Beths can be found here



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