Tips for capturing natural expressions

These days everyone’s a photographer, or at least everyone has a camera and the majority of us are constantly snapping away and documenting things.

This can sometimes be a problem when children (and adults!) come into the studio for their portraits. Constantly feeling the pressure to smile or pose for the camera and wanting to look our best on social media can lead to some forced expressions.

As a photographer we see a lot of fake smiles. People are always asking how to get natural expressions from their children or how it’s best to smile. The simple answer is keep it natural! One of the big secrets of being a portrait photographer is that you are also a child’s entertainer/ clown/ comedian. It’s our job to snap everyone out of their forced ‘photo faces’ and relax.Photography in SurreySure, our jokes can be a bit rubbish and you might not expect to see us transform into the dreaded tickle monster, but if that’s what it takes to get a giggle, then we’ll do it. I don’t care if you smile because you’re thinking ‘Wow, she look’s like a complete idiot right now!’ or because my conversation with a toy bunny is genuinely entertaining, it’s all about keeping it fun.

That said here are a few tips for capturing natural smiles of your own children:

  • Don’t ask them to smile. Asking for a smile can lead to a grimace without any of really sparkle in their eyes.
  • Farts are funny. Blowing a surprise raspberry can be a great way to get a smile. Obviously not one to over use or you might end up with a child that blows raspberries at everyone they meet, but used sparingly it works a treat.
  • Play a game of peek-a-boo or tickles. If you’re being fun and silly they will too and you’ll both end up having a good time with lots of natural smiles!
  • When in doubt take them to a photographer! We have all kinds of secret tricks to get smiles from children and adults, so if you’re struggling to capture the best expressions let us do it for you!


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