Making memories… Family Photography in Surrey

What are your most treasured possessions? What are those sentimental objects that pass down through generations? When people talk about what they’d save in a fire, photographs always make the list.

We are a digital generation and often forget the importance of printed photographs. Digital images sit on a USB in a draw or hidden away in a folder on your computer. Of course it’s amazing to be able to share our memories with friends and family all over the world at the touch of a button, but nothing compares to turning the pages of a photo album or holding a print.

I come from a family of photograph hoarders and I’m so glad I do. We always had photos in frames and scattered around the house. We would scrap book and pour over memories from school photos to family holidays. We had hundreds of photographs that span several generations and over a hundred years at least!

Parents often avoid joining in family portraits because they don’t like their smile or are waiting to loose a couple of pounds, but have you ever looked at old photos of your parents and family and thought about those things? I doubt it! We’re just happy to see their genuine smiles, dated fashion choices and most importantly we’re happy we have something to remember them by. It’s important that we give the next generation the opportunity to is too.

When you book a family session, remember the portraits you buy are not only for you to display in your home now, but they are a keep sake for your children and grandchildren.

View our gallery of family images here. For more information on booking your family’s session, visit our website 

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