Baby Portrait Photography in Sutton

baby photography sutton. first birthday photography

We love capturing little ones. It’s so special to have the chance to photograph them at every stage of life. From newborns to first birthdays and everything in between.

Above we have some favourite photos from Silas’ session. He’s recently turned one and was a bundle of energy at his session! He gave us all a good work out as he crawled around the space and even had a good go at standing on his own! The big grins are my favourite as they show off all his little toothypegs, but even the shots without smiles showcase his big, beautiful brown eyes.

First birthday shoots can be on the day of your child’s birthday as the perfect way to remeber their special day or a couple of weeks before so you can have the photos to proudly display and share with family on their birthday.

Below are some gorgeous newborn images. Beautiful and delicate at just 2 weeks old. The best part of newborn photography is capturing the precious, quiet moments in the brief time when they’re still tiny and brand new. The first 14 days is perfect for newborn photography as your baby is still naturally curled and quite sleepy. Even if they’re unsettled a quick feed and they’re milky drunk and straight off to sleep! Newborn session’s can be booked at the same time as your maternity session at around 34 weeks.

newborn photography sutton epsom surrey

To view more of our baby images view the gallery here. 

For more information on booking a session with us visit our Website

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