Family Photography in London and Surrey

The leaves are starting to fall, it’s constantly raining and it’s the semi-final of Bake Off, all this can only mean one thing- Christmas is coming!

This year for Christmas I’m treating my Mum to an updated portrait of my sister and I. She’s been asking for one for the last few years and for the last few years I haven’t had a single good hair day and have always put it off. This year I’m making it happen, my hair is finally behaving and all I have to do is pin down my sister for a date. However it’s the busiest time of year and we’re already looking at mid-November for the shoot and even that seems optimistic!

Family portraits, studio portrait, photography sutton epsom surrey london

I know we all scoff when we see mince pies in the super market on the 1st September, but honestly the last few months of the year always run away from us and it helps to be organised!

Getting the kids and the rest of the family together can be tough to do in between browsing Amazon for gifts and attending 101 festive parties, but it’s well worth doing. The best gifts are the ones that are personal and having meaning. It’s not just because I’m a photographer, but I really believe a portrait is a perfect gift. If Grandma only gets to see the kids a few times a year, why not get a portrait that she can admire all year in anticipation of seeing them again? If you’re always snapping on your phone, why not get in front of the lens and share a special moment with the family while someone else captures it for a change?

We have three more pop-up studio days in Sutton before Christmas on Sunday 21st October, Sunday 18th November and Sunday 16th December, which covers the organised ones and the last minute gift-givers! In between those dates we are available to come to your home at a time that suits you. You can include personal touches from your home or have a studio feel portrait! And if you’re celebrating Christmas with all the cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents and the pets it’s the perfect photo opportunity!

Get in touch on the Website to arrange your festive session!


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