Corporate Head Shot Photography in London and Surrey

Making the right impression is so important, and so many of our initial interactions with people are no longer face to face. Having a portrait that you love and that presents you at your best it vital, after all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Head Shot London
Business portraits for personal branding in London

I scroll through LinkedIn and can’t believe how many blurry, dark or strangely cropped photos from a night out there are. Or I’m emailing a potential client and there’s a tiny holiday snap staring back at me or even worse no photo to put to their name!

I recently had a conversation with a business owner about why they haven’t updated their head shot in nearly 6 years. They said they hadn’t liked a photo that’s been taken of them since. I was shocked. I know it tends to be our default reaction to dislike pictures of ourselves, especially since photos are flipped when compared to the familiar reflection we see in the mirror, hence why we look weird and ‘not like our selves’. But honestly, the photo on their business card wasn’t doing them justice and it almost wasn’t recognisable as them!

Yes, time ages us all (apart from Keanu Reeves) and we don’t like seeing our wrinkles and grey hair, but these perceived flaws shouldn’t hold you back in your personal branding. When you’re selling yourself, sell the best you.

personal branding photography london
Personal branding for personal stylist London

A professional portrait photographer wants to get the best photo of you and knows how to get it. The right lighting, outfit and subtle retouching all come together to showcase you at your best. And having a photo that you love and are proud to put out there is so important.

Whether it’s for LinkedIn, your website, or your whole company is having a re brand and wants entire new team head shots we can help. All we need is a corner of an office to set up in and we can create business portraits that show you as approachable and professional. Alternatively you can come and visit us at our pop-up studio in Sutton, South London. For more information vistt our Website


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