The Shave

Despite being social photographers, we quite often neglect to take the time to photograph the ones closest to us. We’re either busy photographing other people’s families or our own families got fed up of being used as model years ago!

My Dad recently decided to jump in front of the camera to document going clean shaven for the first time in 30+ years. We’re used to capturing first smiles, first steps and first school uniforms, but a 60 something man’s first clean shave was a definite first for me to shoot!

I decided that if he was going to do this then he needed to explore different style options along the way. He’d prepared by growing out his face forest for a couple of months to achieve a Father Christmas look. He then rolled out of bed and straight on to set for the first photos. He popped down to the barbers for an initial trim to get things under way, before chopping, trimming and shaving a few new styles.


Each style was accompanied by a new persona and given a new name (complete with a full back story). I think the dapper, mustachioed 1940’s pilot -named Grant- was my personal favourite look.

Eventually the deed was done and we all agreed that we couldn’t wait for the beard to be back! But it was a fun day and a reminder to take a few photos of my own family once in a while, although it was a mission to get him to stop pulling silly faces.


If you’re planning a a dramatic style change definitely get in touch as we’d love to document it! There’s a free shoot for anyone willing to have a multi coloured mo hawk…

Visit our Website to book your session Here

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