Events – why go pro?

Why book a pro photographer for your event?

You may have staff at the event with their camera phones or the office camera and a proportion of the pictures taken will be Okay. However, they are mostly busy with other responsibilities.

Its so much better to have a person dedicated to capturing those special images. If you go pro the images will be in focus, well composed and with good lighting and expressions.

I see so many people with a phone camera take one picture of a person and upload it to social media even though the subject might be blinking or pulling a dodgy expression! Social media demands great pictures so skill and experience (and decent kit) count for a lot.

Talk to your photographer about what you want to communicate about your event. A good photographer can make a business meeting look like everyone’s engaged and having a great time, just by capturing the right moments.

So what are the important messages for your event? enjoyable? commercially successful for the sponsors? the place to be? innovative? current? exclusive? A good event photographer can do this with images.

Pro images can be used in social media, shared with delegates or participants, used in reports after the event and in the future promotion of events. In short, they are essential for marketing and PR. We provide them both in high resolution and low resolution so they can be used for print material and digital media.


Lightning Photography are available to cover business, charity and family events in London and Surrey. Events we cover include…
• AGMs
• Award ceremonies
• Black tie events
• Business networking events
• Conferences
• Corporate days out and team building events
• Family events
• Fund raisers
• Galas
• Grand Openings
• Political events
• PR events
• Product releases & launch parties
• Professional associations’ events
• Seminars
• VIP events

Talk to us about your event and see if we can help!

Find out more here

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