3 Tips for Child Portraits

As parents or grandparents we love photographing the kids but a few simple tips will help us take even better pictures that we’ll want to share and frame for the shelf or wall.

Tip #1 Composition.

Select an uncluttered background. A confused messy background detracts from the main subject. Find a suitable place and let them stand out!

3      4

Tip #2 Lighting.

Get them out of the sun. Of course we love sunny weather but for photography its not always best. Shadow from a high sun is never very flattering. An overcast sky makes things much easier – all your outdoor portraits will look better.

On a sunny day, take your subject into a shaded area. Much more flattering! Easy in a city. More difficult in the park or the countryside but you may be able to get them under a tree as long as the light is not too dappled.

1      2

Tip #3 Expression.

When Kids have eye contact with the camera its much more engaging to look at so get them to look at you. A natural expression helps too – ideally you want a small natural smile. Over-smiling makes the eyes go too small. If they pull a face that they think you want to see it can look false. A lot of parents even say to their children ” do a big cheesy grin” which is not what you want.

Better to not give them any instructions at all except “look at me”. Then pull a face and get the smile. Don’t just take one or two either. Have fun, take lots of pictures and choose the best one!

5      6

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