The ‘meet the team’ page

A ‘meet the team’ page with professional portraits conveys visually the breadth of your team. It enables clients to put a face to a name and makes the company more approachable. If you ask team members to supply their own images you’ll often get a mix of holidays snaps, selfies and party shots that may not convey the right message!


Not only that, some will be very poor resolution and the overall effect could convey amateurishness – not good!

A professional will create a unified set of portraits with appropriate composition, lighting, expressions and post-production.

3 key benefits of pro portraits…

1) flatter the staff (which they’ll love!)
2) have a pleasing visual impact when displayed either together or individually
3) communicate trust and professionalism

Here are three examples of great Meet the Team pages*!

Allans The Accountants


Peacock & Co Solicitors

*portraits by Lightning Photography

Call us on 020 7043 2710 to discuss your business portraits.

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